Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cynthia Nixon

When my sister first started bragging about "Sex and the City" I didn't think it would be all that. I didn't get all the "hype". I also didnt have HBO to check it out myself. I then thought I'd give them a try. I rented season by season from my libray. I was instantly hooked. I know everyone's favorite was "Carrie" but my favorite is actually Miranda. When I found out she was doing a play in New York I sent off a letter. I actually have a friend who went to New York recently but was not able to get Cynthia's for me as she was very busy. It's all good as I got my picture (bad quality not sure why I mailed it) back. She did inscribe and sign my photo and index card. She even topped it and included a COMPLETE signed Playbill signed by Tyne Daly, John Gallagher Jr., Mary Catherine Garrison, and John Slattery. Great success from a nice and talented actress.

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