Friday, November 04, 2005

Brittany Snow

From the first ever episode of "American Dreams" I was a big Brittany Snow fan. I've enjoyed her movies and tv show. In many attempts to obtain an autographed picture I have sent requests off to many and various addresses. With no luck nothing ever came back. A good friend of mine emailed me with a possible address in which she sent her request to. So off went my request. I did not have any pictures of her at the time so I did not send one. Got back a great/unusual success from her. One one side is a not so good printed out pic of her signed. On the other side of the paper is a printed flyer for the movie in which I sent to the set of signed by her. Both signatures look somewhat a like and I have not had the chance to compare. If anyone out there has an in person I'd love to compare. I just hope that one of them is authentic.

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